“Varied, dynamic and exciting musical adventure. highly recommend this album!”

(Erik Neuteboom – Backround Magazine NL)

“The Italians ‘Blacksmith Tales’ offers us a first album which should mark the year 2021 in progressive music…”

(Jacques BECKER – MyProg Music FR)

“Propose un flux de treize pistes d’un très bon niveau d’écriture ainsi que d’une qualité musicale saisissante”


“Album affascinante quanto complesso…”

(Metalhead IT)

“ This is a near perfect album.  “

(BlazingProg – ProgArchives)


The Dark Presence is a concept album which describes a narrated journey through symbols and images from Ancient Egypt to the Middle Ages, long felt great passions of David Del Fabro.

It’s the journey of a soul searching for its own inner light. In order to do that it has to face the darkest part of itself, to go down into the abyss of its mind and its heart, and to overcome the obstacles it finds on its path towards the light on its new journey, a new life.

Central to the story are the two short acoustic tracks: Interlude, in which the protagonist recognises himself and surrenders, and Last Hero’s Crusade, in which the soul manages to find the road to the stars…

“The roots of the Blacksmith Tales project were born in the 90s when I had already written the basis of almost all the tracks which made up the concept album on the piano. Also most of the lyrics were inspired by books I read in that period”, says David Del Fabro.

For some time the musician played in cover bands, playing music by Rush, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Gentle Giant…and at the same time he started to incorporate his own songs into their gigs, which would eventually come together to form the album The Dark Presence.

After some years of inactivity, for David becoming a father finally gave him the urge to record his music.

Luca Zanon, after being asked to collaborate, immediately demonstrated his enthusiasm and brought some great musicians to work with. A surprising and unexpected harmony existed between everyone involved, and the same harmony can be felt when listening to the album: the Blacksmith Tales project was born!

The name is one of David’s favourite plays on words, come up with by Luca who played with David’s surname, Del Fabro, which means ‘Blacksmith’s’ in Italian.


Michele Guaitoli vocals

Beatrice Demori vocals

Stefano Debiaso drums

Denis Canciani bass guitar

Marco Falanga electric and acoustic guitar

Luca Zanon keyboards and flute

David Del Fabro Piano, Keyboards, backing vocals and duduk

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